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tv   [untitled]    November 13, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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here. >> thank you very much sir. >> commissioners i have been attending the meetings is for a very, very, very long time i can count only one commissioner on my hand who has heard me speak somentsz on behalf of the community as did chair said and you've heard in public comment really nobody wants to come here and waste their time people come here i mean the community members so that they want to live a legacy and if this commission and our
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mayor and those heads of departments don't get it right that if you want a bond measure monies we have to participate in the deliberations and we become part of the legacy if you go to europe the parents i happen to point to children and say this happened and what happened because your father or mother or grant ma participated in living a legacy we're having here is we know about sf puc the gather bond money and they love to waste i millions of dollars on consultants and they give a damn when it comes to the community i've had lots of patients
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i participated in desert storm i was part of the logistics so i know when i see certain things how they're supposed to be done again and again people claim they want to listen to us and shaft us this is not going to happen i'm not going to waste my time i have a good relationship with the attorney and many of you a good relationship on many levels by r but i represent the community i don't represent he myself and our community is hurting this is a time for young people from all community not somebody who is benefiting our contingent gaffe $300 million not for someone to send $200,000 for a
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new commissioner that says oh, that's okay to spend the time has come to get a brain transport so i can think the right way and embrace the community thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. 'coz up m mr., sir. >> good afternoon. i'm the district 5 appoint to the cac i wanted to talk about two matters today first it's been easily a year since anyone that hadn't had a la body we were not ♪ drought and need to preserve our water conservation to that end i initiated and saw throw the april meeting the resolution to
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the puc to implement that as quickly as possible an app for smart phones that will allow individuals to see their activities on the water consumption and be able to award them or offer prizes etc. the technology is in place to do this and what i've seen so far is simply misses the mark you urge you on getting the puc to push the development thought that app and get it out into the hands of the community is a high priority matter i urge you to indirect the puc on that so it meets the objectives of the resolution that i have a copy of it for you as well
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secondly, about march of this year, the - at a cac meeting a document was present called a summary of water sewer requirements about 40 pages of requirements from the building department and the puc and on the construction specifications compliance with the law and the codes on building in san francisco two members myself and doug cane at the time urged the puc to get in out not only to construction companies but to literally everybody that has an interest in prop be it real estate agencies or developers or architects the imagination goes ton o on for a long list that was a large this was presented
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in march the last status it's not out into the hands of the public this should be circulated it can be calculated electronically e.r. passenger door f it's valuable information and sitting on that and dragging feet about getting this delivered is really not in the best interests of the public or the puc i urge you on that matter to demand the puc gets this document out into the public circulation thank you. >> do you have copies of the documents or only one. >> this is my only copy but i'm sure that the staff can provide you w you - >> we. >> if you could provide the original for copies to review. >> sure. >> thank you very much okay. thank you.
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>> sorry do you have a. >> public comment? >> do you have a speaker card. >> why don't you start state your name. >> walter paulson don't go chasing with all of these we're out those city at city hall and i know you've heard the water call and the fix the hetch hetchy water wall and i know that you'll be standing tall and you'll see the you'll be shopping at the mall and i know what through winter spring and fall you're going to have a city with great water all. >> thank you very nice have you heard about the voice thank you for the nice
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song. >> mr. crews. >> good afternoon, members of the commission mr. cruz i'm here representing myself based on the comments earlier i've worked in the city for 24 years half in the private and half in the public and half in the public education i have to the best of my knowledge the first time i've come before a group i've only championed groups i couldn't stand without responding to the meeting we had a meeting and we went through all the technical issues that were represented at the end he told me they have talent on their team but it was redundant to the talent under
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contract so we didn't see a contracting opportunity so ms. lewis said we're here as advocates we welcome all advocacy if the community advocates are not you paid contractors they're there because of what they believe in and to champion that's my comment about not being paid i asked whether or not she participated in the bio science contract or the other contracts i was told no, i don't participate in those public processes because their bias i threshold you can't come into the puc and ask for a contract you have to go through a public process like every contracting agency. >> i out there i've served in advocacy rolls and fighting for the education of the youth of
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our city without getting paid pr advocates advocate out of passion and belief not money that's the basis of my comment i believe in the public process pursue i believe in this process i also building that there are those who derail it and use the mike to make krifrmz to give a biased opinion and criticize hardworking public employees like the employees that work for the puc we had about 12 people in the meeting i brought i spared no expense for anyone that could add value to that meanwhile meeting and that was not the tune of the meeting or the comments to associate me in my way with comments of slavery quite
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honestly makes me emotional and the last comment i say is that if you believe any word she said i'll gladly submit any resignation today thank you. >> thank you, mr. cruz very difficult remarks but thank you for them are there is there any public comment? seeing none, the next item 5. >> can i speak once public comment is - >> sure. >> one of the things that you know it's challenging for me and staff and maybe the commission is that hearing when we talk about public comment you know we really should talk about issues but we are now feeling more tag
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on individuals and staff who are working hard i them this is counter productive if we want to talk about issues or how to deal with things really attacking staff is staff i mean looking at amelia i know amelia for a long time and see him like that is bothering me one of the things we'll ask we make more of an effort to talk about the tops and not about individuals you can there's been times they talk about you know other staff as well i really appreciate if we could you know try to address that in public comment. >> that's a very good idea i think we have to remain productive here and talk to the top if there's feeling about individuals staff members that can be addressed privately
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through the general manager i do think that is counter productive to discuss this in public forum we're here to solve problems not to slander people so moving forward let's keep in mind. >> a comment. >> would i would like to see is a brief but a thoughtful memo about what this commission can and can't do as a relates to public comment i i know under the free speech information act over the sunshine act or the brown act there's rules it will go a long way to clarify the list of the public engagement i feel because i'm a union man, i often am subsidy to those union
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meetings to that kind of provacative comment it is intended honestly to shed light on the issues but it becomes undulyly political so get noreen to draft something to move in a direction that commissioner caen and kind of reaffirm our understanding of that line item on the agenda i'll appreciate that. >> actually, we talked about that before the meeting it's a motion already. >> okay is there any additional public comment moving to item 5 communications commissioners any comments? i have some questions about a few things that i think mr. wade
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you can address when you address the under item 7 some of the red circles will be wise to discuss that publicly so we have great transparency in terms of how we move forward. >> all right. item 6 other commission business. >> yes. commission. >> thank you i would like to ask that staff explorer the possibility of building for water consumption on a cubeic basis as opposed to a hundred cubeic base that's our practice let me give an explanation in my case i in our householder we use between two and three units that's two and
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three one hundred cubic feet per month a little over 2 but under 3 the result any monthly bill for water is for one months it's for two and for 3 even though my water usage doesn't change that means some months i'm paying 50 percent more for in change in my consumption as we send a signal about conservation to our rates we should make those rates robust to usage as we possible can a that's my thinking i would hope that number one it didn't require any change in the rate structure and about or will be the same unit prices is how we implement it i don't know there's law to accommodate it it if we could accommodate it
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awhile it's before us or wait until the next cycle so be it but hopefully more quickly than that thank you. >> sure we'll definitely look at that we've had conversation about changing it to gallons that's one of the things we've talked about and other waters agencies have been moving to gallons people recognize gallons. >> i understand that the hardware only records in cubic feet but gallons is good. >> good suggestion. >> yes. >> what do i have to go back and make one comment that on the public process of the comments we've heard i've shell shocked by what we went through i want to do most of it
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has been said is just give amelia cruz and thank him for speaking out but i've known amelia a long time and some of the words were uncalled for it's affordable unit a personal attack so amelia thank you for your service and don't consider your resignation your staff it the authority of the city manager but i want to make the comment on behalf of the commission. >> i want to associate myself. >> i'm sorry we're still under discussion here thank you very much for those words it resonates the whole commission they feel strongly about that commissioner. >> i just wanted to say i associate myself with franciscos
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comment. >> yes. sir. >> i've known amelia for a long time maybe amelia didn't recollect how long i knew them him when i worked at the presidio of san francisco nobody denies that amelia cruz is not a hard worker, in fact, if we checks his e-mail i said that what a go-getter you make things happen now when ms. lewis says what she says she's sensitive not knowing our process maybe that not everybody gets spade and she was going deep into a situation she compound scientists and wanted some renovation so it's not as an elderly let me say we respect
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amelia cruz a lot i've known him not when he was with muni the transbay i followed him and i've also respected him and he had it in writing i respected him no one wants amelia cruz because of one single public comment from a young advocate she's not an elderly or not experienced as i am even though i can fault myself for sometimes being angry and saying things but i do apologize so we the community in san francisco willie brown and others who have put their faith in awe medical cruz know he's an asset to our community let me stress that amelia is an asset
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why would amelia cruz fill in the position if not experienced and not something to contribute to our society and our community so let me assure the commissioners and i'll talk to many lewis she comes from 70 santa fe i come from san francisco she gave me a ride i needed it normally i take public transportation i wouldn't hop on it with my crutch let me assuring assure you that the bay area communicated respect him and tracks his experience and we're wanting to participate in the sewer system project let me assure you i too feel hurt that he got so emotional and i want
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to apologize on behalf of what was said but apologize for good so that the community heals and we go to a better place thank you very much. >> i really autumn very up - where's many lewis let the record reflect she left dedeplorable really deplorable any other commission business? i have two announcements to make commissioners we have only one meeting in december meeting of november 25th has been cancelled because we are
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only 4 i would like to suggest to you that you try to clear our calendar to be at the meeting on december 9th i don't believe we'll have a new commissioner by then so that will be very important secondly, this is officially todds last meeting but no matter what you think we have changed our plans (laughter) i'm speaking now for the general manager i can't do this myself but we'd like you to be at the next meeting we have a little idea for you if you would do that so we can send you off downstairs one floor one floor all right. yes >> ma'am, cane, commissioners,
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many have told me not to get up and say anything today, this was any general manager when i was with muni this was a man who stood up and made a difference for 5 thousand employees most of which at one time were amending this is a man that went to different places as a friend and advocate and i want to make this clear whoever came here today representing the community was representing themselves because i know that i live and work in san francisco and we
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support wholeheartedly one one hundred percent amelia cruz and his work and i want to be clear that people who come here and as you all know as a young person i was once i learned a lot of lessons do disrespect an individual that's what happened here today that is what can't happen again and so amelia if i think i wronged you in my way by not following our words because i asked if i could speak today and he said no, i'm sorry you have to do what you have to do but i'm here to support him and all the people i represent and live and work with in the southeast
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section of san francisco. >> state your name for the record, please. >> james bryant. >> mr. bryant thank you so much those are wonderful words we all using agree with them i hope this never ever happens again okay any comment on item 6 which is commission business? moving now to the report of the general manager >> so the first item is a date - thank you. >> el less than deputy manager
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for the water enterprise steve richie is out of town on business so i'll be doing the drought update the first slide i see it actually take from an a laments article the reporter took information recorded to the state board in august requiring the water utilities to compare how well, the communities are doing in chief of police the rationing goals the san francisco retail that is in city remain use is number one in the state in terms of the lowest amount of water used in per capita you're seeing the top 10 lowest in the state and 4 are within our service area with retail customers along with san francisco you've seen this slide many
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times here's the update on our reservoir storages on the hetch hetchy side we dropped six 10th of a percent and the stoppage one 10th of a percent on the cumulative precipitation looked at the red like that for the 2014-2015 in new york city in november we jumped up slightly above 1997 and we ended the month of october another about 86 percent of average for the month of october we usually receive about rainfall in helpfully and ended up 4.7 percent on our total deliveries our seeing that we are achieving our
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10 percent reduction at one hundred and 87 million gallons per day on our cumulative savings we achieved the 8 billion gallons but we need to maintain the same use parent in order to stay about the blacks line the cumulative savings line i know mr. richie as a shared this we're in a new water year and while our customers have done well in 2014 the 10 percent additional conservatism needs to continue through 2016 until we feel confident we can move out after a use if we have at medium perspiration we're going to be on the road to recovery if we
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conditions similar to 2007 we'll continue with the reduction and color to 997 we'll likely need to move to percent reductions at the inn the spring of next year and begin the alteration of water supply if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them. >> any questions. >> yes. >> so i'm sorry can you put that last slide up again so you're saying by 2015 this time next year if we don't have improved conditions we'll go to 20 percent. >> in the water year switches over on october 21st that's the


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